Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloweenies: A Recipe from Sadie the Sadist

Happy Halloweenie Heads 

I'm back!
Did you miss me?  

I've been away ... internet access wasn't available. But they let me out for good behavior, just in time for my favorite holiday!

Halloweenie Head: Yum!

Easy Recipe


1 head (Wimps can use styrofoam, but that crap destroys the environment; I prefer a natural, biodegradable skull)

Two strips of ham (or your favorite lunch meat) for lips

Two maraschino cherries (for bloodshot eyes)

Lots of teeny weenies (enough to cover the head) Store bought or the real thing ... you know which I prefer!

Lots of toothpicks: round, not those flimsy flat things. Note: if you're using a real skull, nails work better--double pointed metal barbs are best, but difficult to find (see note below)

Silver spray paint


1) Set up the head, so it won't keel over. You may want to nail it to a board ... this can be a messy job. 

2) Prepare your weenies. Boiling makes them plump and fat, but roasting produces a lovely color and intensifies the flavor. 

3) If you're using toothpicks, spray them silver. Skip this step if you're using nails, but make sure they're stainless steel, rather than nasty aluminum which causes cancer ... depending on whom you're serving, of course. 

4) Secure the weenies to the head, taking care to place them in neat lines. Don't forget to leave room for the eyes and lips. Note If you're using metal barbs, you'll probably stab yourself several times ... not to worry! Blood lends dimension to your creation

5) Stick in the maraschino cherry eyes, unless you have something more authentic handy

6) Fold ham to create and lips and secure with broken toothpicks, so they're hidden. Note: I've tried using real lips, but they're sloppy

7) Invite over ghoulish guests and serve with mustard (Some guests may taste better with the addition of ketchup)


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