Tuesday, December 9, 2014

12 Indies of Christmas Blog Hop

Sadie Busts Holiday Myths

As you may know, Sadie (known to many as Sadie the Sadist), is BIG on truth. Just in time for the horrordaze, our favorite psycho is here to dispel a few popular myths.

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1) Who the hell is Santa Claus?

should you trust this man?
Sadie Says:  From my experience, SANTA IS A PEDOPHILE. Why else would an old man put up with sniveling kids sitting on his lap? As usual, the Catholic Church ignored that fact. They spun a story about this guy, Nicholas, a Bishop who lived in the fourth century (we all know what went on in those monasteries) and made him a saint.

2) What do the colors red and green have to do with Christmas?

authentic photo of a gladiator
Sadie Says: GREEN has been part of winter celebrations FOREVER. Ancient Romans exchanged branches of evergreen in January as a reminder of spring and life, because in the dead of winter everyone was ready to commit suicide or hop into an arena with a gladiator. Back then they had no internet, no TV, not even electricity. Conversely, RED symbolizes blood and death, duh. BTW, in ancient Rome a favorite method of suicide was to slit your wrists in the bath tub … just like my mommy did.

3) What's up with those dreidel things and Hanukkah?

what else can you do in the dark?
Sadie Says: Most people associate menorahs and nine candles with Hanukkah, but in case you don’t know, a dreidel is a four sided spinning top with Hebrew letters inscribed on each side. Rabbis have tried to come up with explanations for the dreidel’s association with the holiday and many say the letters (nun, gimmel, hey, shin) stand for nes gadol haya sham, "a great miracle happened there." But the true story is: after the Jews drove the Greeks out of Jerusalem, they threw an orgy that lasted for eight nights and used dreidels like dice for gambling and playing spin the bottle. 

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