Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sadie Says EAT MEAT: Paleo Diet Pros and Cons

Cut the Corn and EAT MEAT!

Cavemen and women didn't struggle with excess blubber. Of course, they didn't sit around twittering, FaceBooking, and streaming Netflix for hours. But they had another strategy for staying fit: The Paleolithic Diet! 

Things changed when humans developed agriculture and became dependent on grains like wheat and corn. These days we eat a ton of cereal, bread, and pasta. No wonder most Americans look like the Pillsbury doughboy

Average American
The Paleo diet is a throwback to caveman times. No counting calories, no starvation, just a change in what you eat.

The secret ingredient? MEAT 

According to ABC News The Paleo diet is 35% fat, 35% protein, 35% carbohydrates ... wait a minute ... that adds up to 105.

You may ask, is Paleo for me? Sadie, a staunch proponent, offers you the Pros and Cons regarding frequently asked questions ...

Your family in 30 days
1) Does the Paleo Diet work?

Pro: YES. You're eating fish, grass-fed meat, vegetables and fungi. Forget about ice cream, Doritos, the deadly lentil, dairy, peanuts, and birthday cake. Who wouldn't lose weight eating only fungi and steak?

Con: Listen dummy ... if you consume fewer calories you'll lose weight. Paleo offers a short list of foods, so you don't have many choices. It works great, if you don't like to eat.

2) Will I live longer eating Paleo?

Pro: Cavemen didn't die of cancer, heart conditions, and diabetes. With a life expectancy of 30 years, who had time to contract chronic diseases?

Con: Long schmong ... you could get hit by a truck tomorrow. Do you really want to live to be 100? Then stick to Paleo ... you may not have teeth, but you can still enjoy Gerber's Beef and Gravy. 

3) Do I need to give up streaming?

Pro: Absolutely! You need to get more active, mimic our ancestors. They spent their days hunting and gathering, so they burned an average of 4,000 calories a day. How can you do that if you're watching back-to-back episodes of Game of Thrones?

Con: Streaming won't hurt you, if you work out regularly. Get rid of the dining room table and install a treadmill. Another option: hunt for your meat. Chasing down the local farmers' cows provides great exercise.

Sadie says: I enjoy hunting for my meat!

Exercise is more fun with friends

Friday, May 9, 2014

Forensic Scientists Still Working to ID 9/11 Victims

New Developments in Forensic Science

May 9, 2014

Still IDing Victims from 9/11

According to an article in Forensic Magazine this Saturday close to 8,000 vacuum-sealed pouches holding the remains of 9/11 victims will be moved to the new World Trade Center site to be kept in a repository 70 feet under ground.

The hope is that the tiny shards of bone and advances in forensics will allow scientists to determine the identity of victims. 1,115 victims, 41% of the dead, have not yet been identified through DNA matching, but the work continues. Read more at Forensic Magazine. 

One World Trade Center

The new September 11 Memorial Museum open on May 21.