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Zané has worked for several large corporations, and those situations have, in part, inspired this story. Sadly, she has found that the current work environment in the U.S. often treats employees as expendable units, comparable to robots. More and more, automated systems and machines are replacing human workers. Zané expects to be replaced by a robot any day. 

Perhaps, sometime soon, the perfect novel will be written by artificial intelligence. Until then, Zané offers you her flawed perspective and hopes you find her novels entertaining. 

Sadie the Sadist: X-tremely Black Humor/Horror has been embraced by the horror community ... what else can you expect from a group of psychopaths? Zané is currently working on a novel of psycho-psychological suspense, Jayne Just Watches. Jane thinks she's dead, and she happens to be Sadie's neighbor. 

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