Friday, August 12, 2016

Become a Robot Before One Replaces You - Advice from Sadie the Sadist

Get Ready to be Dumped

Sadie the Sadist knows all about competing with robots and automated systems in the workplace ... 

Your New Coworker
Sadie's advice: transform before you lose your job! 

Don't believe her?

Check out this article from The Washington Post:
The Brave New World of Robots and Lost Jobs

And this story on MSNBC: 
How Robots Will Impact Jobs in the Near Future

Normally, Sadie advises killing pesky coworkers, but these come with a warranty and they're replaceable (like you) ... You're best course of action is to upload your brain into a robot body. Ultimately, Sadie intends to become a robot cat.

Sadie as a Robot Cat